What are the differences in the AKRacing AK-5015 and AK-7002?

Starting off it’s notable to say that both of these gaming chairs have similar features:

Both styles are based off of race car seats

    • Both are manufactured with steel frameworks. That means that they’re more durable, safe, and strong (both support a max weight of 396 lbs.).
    • Both also come with the 5-star black base, which assists in the stability of the chairs themselves.
    • Both have an ergonomic design, so if you’re planning on spending a heavy amount of hours they’re perfect for you. Bad posture can lead to many serious health problems; these chairs are specifically designed to promote good posture for those that sit for many hours (e.g., gamers and office workers).
    • And here is conceivably the best part: both are highly adjustable. You can adjust the tilt (up to 180-degrees), height, back and armrests. As well as adjustable lumbar cushions and headrests. If you’d prefer not to have the armrests or cushions they are removable.

Best AKRacing Chairs Differences

However, there are a few differences in these two models:

First being the colors: the AK-5015 comes in four different colors: black and white; black and blue; black and green; and, white and red. Those are the only colors available if you’re ordering from Amazon. Although, if you buy directly from AKRacing’s website there are a few extra color options.

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